Why get an Assurance for ISO 37002?

Why Certify for ISO 37001?

Display the effectiveness of your whistleblower system by checking it against an internationally recognised set of guidelines that was designed by experts from over 20 ISO member states.

While the first step towards improving the effectiveness of your whistleblower system is building your system using the ISO 37002 Whistleblower Guidelines, the second step should no doubt be proving the merits of this new system to stakeholders. 

    Having an ISO 37002 assurance by ETHIC Intelligence can't prevent issues from arising in your whistleblower program, however, what it can do is ensure that the proper procedures are in place to identify issues when they occur and remediate the system's gaps so that the same issue doesn't occur again in the future. This assurance is only possible though if your system has been properly reviewed and certified by qualified external third parties, guaranteeing that it was built to the ISO 37301 standard and therefore effective.

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