Why does no one use our whistleblower hotline?

ISO 37301 Readiness Assessment™

Why does no one use our whistleblower hotline?

This is a common question asked by many companies.  In fact, the opposite can also be true where companies have far too many reports (this is another regular question asked of our team). For those companies asking why they have far too few, then the answers could be very simple or very complex.

ETHIC Intelligence through our ISO 37002 Whistleblower Guidelines solutions (and, our general experience around such products) can answers those questions and can provide guidance to companies to provide their programs.

How can we fix it so it actually adds value and not just seen as a complaint line?

ETHIC Intelligence® has a range of solutions to help answer the basic question around whistleblower program usage.  We can run an interactive workshop and gap analysis exercise designed to assess objectively how your organisation's whistleblower system measures up against the requirements of the ISO 37002 Whistleblower Guidelines to see whether this sheds light on the gaps that may be leading to the problem.

Following the workshop, you will receive a scorecard and report outlining how your existing whistleblower system measures up against ISO 37002 and areas where you need to focus.  Of course, we will answer the very common question posed above as part of our review.


The benefits of using ETHIC Intelligence® in your next project to ask some of governance & compliance's biggest problems?

The ETHIC Intelligence® team has some unique advantages over our competitors in this field:

  • we are not a consulting company.  We don't charge you extra to 'fix' the problem we may highlight as part of our review. We help you see the problem, identify the solutions and guide you towards addressing them.  There is no upsell opportunity on our side
  • we are domain and content experts having been in the field for over 15 years as a company and 20 years as practitioners
  • we work quickly, remotely and actively support you to get clear answers to your problems.
  • Our focus is for you to be a great company with great governance & compliance 

For these tough questions and many others, reach out to us for our solutions on how to help.

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