Why Certify for ISO 37001?

Why Certify for ISO 37001?

Demonstrate your commitment to fighting bribery by using an internationally recognised standard designed by experts from over 20 ISO member states.

No matter what your reason is for exploring the possibility of certifying for ISO 37001, we’re here to tell you that no client has been unsatisfied with the value and peace of mind that it provides. We often get asked the question: “Why should my organisation certify for ISO 37001?” This is particularly true for organisations headquartered or operating in countries with strong anti-bribery legislation. However, even in these environments businesses will find value in things such as:

  • Building trust with stakeholders
  • Establishing credibility in the market
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Stabilising partner ecosystems
  • Becoming more efficient  


  • Essential to establish and protect your brand and reputation in the market
  • Gain new new customers
  • Retain existing customers

    CREDIBILITY to show

    • Proof of your commitment to anti-bribery and integrity
    • Ability to detect and prevent issues
    • Capability to deal with inquiries and problems

    Everyone talks about the ROI for compliance. Show the value of the work that you have invested and the company has shown towards its compliance programme. Be proud of what you have built and stand behind it. You have earned it. A certification shows that you have been independently audited and that you are not only using best practice but are having it independently verified and audited.


    • Differentiating yourself from competitors
    • Aligning with globally acccepted best practices
    • Meeting bid requirements on compliance

     Distinguish your organisation with a certification. Gain an advantage against your competitors bidding for government or major customers by having a certification. You immediately become the 'safe option'. Win more business by using your certification to your advantage.


    • Gaining leverage with business partners
    • Pushing down anti-bribery requirements to potential partners
    • Saving costs through elimination of bad partners


      • Embedding anti-bribery into business processes
      • Defining roles and responsibilities
      • Clearly defining partner requirements
      • Managing issues systematically

      Having an ISO 37001 certification can't prevent every individual bribery occurrence. However, when it is properly reviewed/certified by qualified external third parties, it ensures that you learn continuously from the issues you have identified and prevent further issues arising in your organisation.

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