Bribery Risk Assessment Webinar

Bribery Risk Assessment from Good to Great

Following up on the success of our previous webinar, “Understanding the Gaps in your Anti-bribery Programme”, ETHIC Intelligence® is offering a new series of webinars. Their focus will be on providing a new perspective of the two areas, which through our audits to award ISO 37001 certification, we have most often found gaps in clients’ systems: Bribery Risk Assessment and Operational Controls.

Hosted by our General Manager, Fabien Joly de Bresillon, the initial installment of this series will take place on April 15th and feature our founder and compliance industry figurehead Philippe Montigny as the key speaker. Their discussion will focus on the cornerstone of any anti-bribery programme or management system: The Bribery Risk Assessment, while also providing ample time to answer any questions on how to apply their insights to your own system.

Particular talking points which attendees can look forward to include:

  • Why the risk assessment is the foundation of any anti-bribery programme
  • The main pitfalls to avoid when conducting a risk assessment
  • What best-in-class companies are doing

We look forward to welcoming you for this sure-to-be valuable experience.

Understanding the Gaps in Your Anti-Bribery Program

Understanding the Gaps in Your Anti-Bribery Program

Organisations should consider building their programs against an anti-bribery management system to address unintended gaps. In doing so, this will help to align the program and give way to a blueprint for next steps.
Watch a webinar with Scott Lane and Fabien Joly de Brésillon to learn how to turn your anti-bribery procedures into a comprehensive anti-bribery management system.