Ten places where independent external audits will identify gaps in compliance programmes

Compliance auditing: ten places where independent external audits will identify gaps in compliance programmes

One of the most integral components of a successful compliance programme, yet one that is often forgotten about or overlooked, is audits. Performing audits helps to ensure that your compliance programme is running as effectively as possible, reducing the overall risk within your organisation.

Join us in our 30-minute webinar, where ETHIC Intelligence CEO Scott Lane will walk you through the ten places where audits are most likely to identify gaps in your compliance programme.

Understanding ISO’s new governance guidance for companies

Understanding ISO’s new governance guidance for companies

With the recent publication of ISO 37000:2021 Governance of organizations – Guidance, it is time to ensure that the culture, norms and practices in your organisation are aligned with its purpose and values.

Join us in our 30-minute webinar, where ETHIC Intelligence CEO Scott Lane will share the key principles for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the governance guidance and outline the steps for building a new and improved governance system across the business.

The new ISO Whistleblower Guidelines: The top ten reasons why your reporting system may need a reboot

With the new ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management Systems – Guidelines about to be released, now is a good time to get up to speed and learn about what we think the top ten areas of focus should be to get in line with the Guidelines and best practice.

This quick and easy webinar with ETHIC Intelligence CEO Scott Lane will tell you what you need to do to operate a successful whistleblower reporting system and be ready for an audit and review.


Take your compliance programme to the next level with ISO 37301 webinar

Take your compliance programme to the next level with ISO 37301 

The ISO 37301 standard for compliance management systems ties together compliance areas like sanctions, AML, export control, data privacy and more, having a much broader impact on the industry than the ISO 37001 standard, which only covers anti-bribery management systems.

As one of the leading compliance certification bodies throughout the world and having offered input during the drafting stage of ISO 37301, ETHIC Intelligence was given access to the final draft of the standard.

Watch the recording of our webinar, ‘Take your compliance programme to the next level with ISO 37301’, to hear Barbara Neiger, a drafting committee member, share her thoughts on the standard and give organisations a better idea of what to expect from it.

Key topics covered include:

  • highlights of the standardisation work being done by the ISO/TC 309 in the area of compliance
  • what is covered in the standard’s scope
  • an overview of the new standard’s structure
  • steps you can take to become one of the first ISO 37301 certified organisations in the world.


How to Best Design Valuable Partner Audits Webinar

Third party risk: how to best design valuable partner audits

Perceived cost, inexperience and a lack of understanding about how to get started may all play factors in the reluctance to integrate critical partner audits into your due diligence plan. Many compliance officers have therefore asked the questions ‘What is the best way to perform third party audits?’ and ‘Which partners should I be auditing?’.

The next instalment of our third party risk series focused on answering these questions in a brief but insightful one-hour session. We were joined by industry expert and president of ETHIC Intelligence Scott Lane, who went into detail explaining:

  • common types of risk presented by your third parties
  • how to best identify these risks
  • which partners should be audited
  • the most efficient way to conduct these audits.


    How to Efficiently Reduce Third Party Risk Webinar

    Third party risk: how to efficiently reduce third party risk

    Though conducting standard due diligence is a great way to tick the boxes of what is required of you by law, it leaves your organisation completely exposed to the substantial financial and reputational damage that your high-risk third parties can cause.

    Watch the free recording of this webinar, ‘How to efficiently reduce third party risk’, to hear industry expert and president of Compliance Ventures Scott Lane explain why the only way to efficiently address major third party risk is through auditing services like our new Partner Integrity Solutions.

    Other key topics touched upon during this one-hour session include:

    • why the current standard of due diligence is insufficient to identify and manage risk
    • the problems that arise from poor due diligence
    • how our Partner Integrity Solutions improve upon standard due diligence and actually reduce your costs
    • the methodology behind our Partner Integrity Solutions and where you can get started.


      The Path Towards ABMS Implementation and Certification Webinar

      The path towards ABMS implementation and certification

      At ETHIC Intelligence we understand the difficulties that have been presented to your organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we developed this webinar to aid compliance departments in tackling their organisation’s future uncertainty.

      Watch ‘The path towards ABMS implementation and certification’ to obtain a roadmap of ISO 37001 certification goals that can be completed anywhere and result in noticeable value added to your organisation.

      Our general manager Fabien Joly de Bresillon is joined by our Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption Certification Solutions Pauline Bailly to better explain where your organisation can improve its anti-bribery policy and how to achieve this.

      Key talking points include:

      • explaining the necessary steps towards implementation of a system in line with the requirements of ISO 37001
      • highlighting the support ETHIC Intelligence can offer throughout the process
      • detailing how you can ‘start small’ and further expand your certification scope over time.


      The Value of Converting to an ABMS Webinar

      The value of converting to an anti-bribery management system

      Designed to answer all of the questions you’ve had about anti-bribery management systems and why their creation has been so important for the compliance industry.

      In this webinar, our general manager Fabien Joly de Bresillon relies on his incredible expertise in anti-bribery management systems to deliver valuable knowledge and frankness about why he believes your organisation should be considering the switch to an ABMS.

      The webinar covers:

      • Explanation: What is an anti-bribery management system (ABMS)?
      • In-Depth Breakdown: How an ABMS differs from your current ABAC programme and what value does it provide?
      • Proof: How does certification tie in to the ABMS structure?
      • Starting Point: What needs to be done in order to make the conversion to an ABMS?


      Operational Controls Webinar

      Operational controls from good to great

      Hosted by ETHIC Intelligence General Manager Fabien Joly de Bresillon, this webinar offers a unique insight into the ISO 37001 auditing process through his discussion with our renowned auditors and key speakers Varun Chandrasekaran and Christopher Sindik. All three presenters boast extensive experience working with anti-bribery programmes, which they will utilise to guide attendees on topics including:

      • addressing common gaps in operational controls
      • how ISO auditors evaluate operational controls
      • how to prepare for an audit.


      Bribery Risk Assessment from good to great

      Bribery risk assessment from good to great

      Hosted by our general manager Fabien Joly de Bresillon, this webinar features our founder and compliance industry figurehead Philippe Montigny as the key speaker. Fabien and Philippe’s discussion focuses on the cornerstone of any anti-bribery programme or management system, the bribery risk assessment, while also answering a few questions from attendees.

      Discussions include:

      • why the risk assessment is the foundation of any anti-bribery programme
      • the main pitfalls to avoid when conducting a risk assessment
      • what best-in-class companies are doing.


      Understanding the Gaps in Your Anti-Bribery Program

      Understanding the gaps in your anti-bribery programme

      Organisations should consider building their programmes against an anti-bribery management system. This will help align the programme and lead to a blueprint for next steps.

      Watch the recording of this webinar, which includes speakers Scott Lane and Fabien Joly de Bresillon, to learn how to turn your anti-bribery procedures into a comprehensive anti-bribery management system.