Partner Integrity™ Supplier Assurance

Supplier Audits (General Compliance)

Do your suppliers comply with your contracts and do you know if they are involved in illegal practices?

As supply-chain disruptions can cause considerable damage to profits, growth and reputation, it is clear that managing the risks of suppliers should be a priority. Organisations should be asking themselves which of their suppliers could cause critical operational or financial problems if they were found to have compliance or integrity issues.

This solution will build upon your supply-chain risk framework, helping you to conduct thorough audits of your most at-risk suppliers in almost any country.  Our anti-corruption specialists with local expertise will conduct your audits according to our standards and with your specific directions.

The key areas where you might want to conduct a review are to check and validate:

  • whether the anti-bribery systems are in place and do they work
  • whether the supplier conducts sanctions screening and whether it works and is monitored
  • whether the supplier collects and protects private information and whether they comply with PII laws
  • whether they have an integrity management system, a code of conduct or policies in place to handle ethical issues
  • what their systems are for whistleblowing and compliance reporting

What is included in ETHIC Intelligence's® Partner Integrity Audits for Suppliers™:

  • We will securely collect and review the entire compliance system in place at the channel partner
  • We will assess the adequacy of their ethics program, integrity system, code of conduct, whistleblower hotline, privacy programme, sanctions and anti-bribery systems and determine whether they meet applicable anti-bribery laws, local regulations, contractual obligations, and organisational policies​
  • We will interview relevant personnel and test their understanding of these areas and test their knowledge of their own policies​
  • We will test the actual application of those policies and procedures through sampling​
  • We will identify any red flags (gaps with the applicable terms of reference) which may be inherent in their compliance system

Our Approach in kickstarting an engagement

  1. The engagement begins with a planning meeting to discuss the scope and regulations against which the channel partner will be audited.
  2. We will present a questionnaire to you before the meeting, which will provide our team with a background of your business model and guide the topic of conversation.
  3. Our staff will then present you with an audit plan that will be tailored to your organisation's goals and what you want to achieve out of the audit
  4. After the plan is agreed upon, we will work with your compliance team to engage with the channel partner on the scope of the review and confirm the review dates and a pre-review checklist (to be completed by the channel partner), which helps to improve the efficiency of our audit process.
  5. Audits will then be conducted and a final report is then delivered upon the completion of this service, detailing the audit findings and offering your organisation an individual breakdown for each third party.

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These are the same anti-bribery and anti-corruption expert auditors that have performed countless certification audits, helping to build our reputation as the world leader in compliance certifications. More information about them can be found here: Our Auditors.

*ETHIC Intelligence® Partner Integrity Audit Solutions do not constitute an investigation to prove or disprove acts of bribery, therefore the testing is limited to sampling in order to gain a reasonable level of assurance that procedures are actually implemented. We do not provide consultancy services to the supplier nor do we conduct any form of enhanced due diligence.


In an effort to simplify the buying process, ETHIC Intelligence® has divised three simple pricing structures as examples which are subject to scoping your particular project:

Focus Areas of Audit Lite Standard Enhanced
30 min Interviews of Key People by Phone/Video 2 4 6
60 min Interview of Key People face to face - - 6
Number of Key compliance Areas reviewed (e.g ABAC) 1 2 4
Sampling of key transactions and relationships 5 10 20
Assessment of Key Area compliance program documentation 1 2 4
Review of key contracts 2 6 10
Specific Contract Compliance Areas (e.g specific screening requirements) - 2 4
Site Visit to Location - - 1
Review of Compliance Training - 1 1
Report size in Pages 5 10 15
Exec Summary - - 1
Gap Analysis to Standards (where applicable) - Short Form Long Form
Report Our Call (in mins) - 30 60
Price in USD (excl. travel costs) FROM: 4,500 9,500 18,500


ETHIC Intelligence® Partner Integrity Managed Services™

ETHIC Intelligence® is able to provide a managed service to companies that simply don't have the resources to coordinate the Partner Integrity Audit Solutions provided by ETHIC Intelligence®. 

Our Partner Integrity Managed Services™ are provided as an overarching service to our clients that need that little bit more from us. This is particularly recommended for clients who are buying 50+ audits per year.

Our Partner Integrity Managed Services™ includes:

  • overall project management of the annual project with a dedicated project manager
  • provision of weekly meetings and a monthly project review meeting
  • tracking via a project management tool and ability to see actions, next steps progress
  • quarterly executive level updates and dashboards for completion
  • trend analysis across all projects and red flag analysis for higher risk issues seen across multiple audits
  • assistance with risk analysis of partners to determine who should be the subject of audits

Our Partner Integrity Managed Services™ are available for an additional fee. 

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