Solutions for your Third Parties

Our Auditors  

We have built specific solutions for Third Party Compliance, because we know that due diligence and background checks simply are not enough.

We have seen hundreds of examples of companies conducting due diligence on their channel partners, suppliers and other key partners and still missing major issues. Based on our personal experience, how is it that over 95% of due diligence checks in emerging markets come back totally 'green'?

You have to ask yourself what is going wrong?

Here are some of the key failings in due diligence systems employed by most companies:

  • most due diligence rarely scratches the surface of the company that you are looking at
  • almost all due diligence does not involve a review of the companies compliance programmes
  • the key principles are almost never interviewed or tested for their knowledge
  • there is almost never a review of financial systems as they apply to compliance issues
  • the due diligence relies wholly on public data which is often very limited, intentionally clean, and of a type that simply won't identify issues
  • most companies are so small that their issues (assuming they have them) wouldn't be reported in the mainstream media and therefore fall outside of the due diligence process

We are not saying that you should not conduct due diligence and background checks, but what we are saying is that you should go further and conduct a review or an audit for those partners that are key, important or essential to your business and of the highest risk.

Introducing Partner Integrity, our solutions for third party audits.

Our solutions for third parties, starts with our products known as Partner Integrity. We built and designed our Partner Integrity solutions because we know that partners are often the weakest links in a compliance system. Because we know that due diligence is not enough and we know that the only way to really check and validate compliance of your partners is through discussions, interviews, reviews and audits.

We focused on building third party audit expertise because not all auditors are the same.

We audit the partners of our clients using auditors that have been selected based on their experience in anti-corruption and compliance management systems. These individuals are known as ETHIC Intelligence® Certified Auditors and ETHIC Intelligence® Certified Lead Auditors. These auditors are either our contractors or our own resources.

All our auditors have been trained through a specific ETHIC Intelligence® multi-day training session and have passed our stringent readiness assessment. The multi-day training is devoted to anti-corruption issues: legal framework, recent case law, best practices, ISO 37001, 37301, 37002 and 37000 requirements, audit techniques, and evaluation processes.

We also look to see whether the prospective auditor has experience building and designing programmes, has completed audits either in-house or externally before, and also has the personal and social skills to engage with your teams during a certification project.

Every ETHIC Intelligence® certified auditor must also attend a yearly training session on anti-corruption trends and emerging best practices lead by our team.

ETHIC Intelligence® auditors are based in every continent and can audit in many languages.

This international presence allows us to respond appropriately to organisations in every country, with particular value offered to large multinational corporations seeking a multi-site audit.

Our conflict-free guarantee 

Auditors’ independence is key to the certification’s legitimacy.  Prior to any audit, ETHIC Intelligence's® auditors must sign a declaration of absence of conflict of interest. Auditors’ names are provided to the organisation applying for certification prior to the audit, enabling the company to also verify this absence of conflict of interest. A whistleblowing/alert procedure and complaints procedure are available for anyone who wishes to declare any situation believed to represent a conflict of interest.