Solutions for your Anti-bribery and Corruption Programmes

Our Auditors  

We have built specific solutions for Anti-Bribery Compliance because we know that anti-corruption is one of the key risk areas for any business.

Providing audit and certification solutions for anti-corruption programmes is one of the core elements of the ETHIC Intelligence business and one that we have been doing for almost 15 years.  We were a pioneer in developing standards in this area when no such concept had ever been contemplated by the industry.

Our solutions are centered around the benefits of certification of your programme as a Anti-Bribery Management System as defined by ISO Standard 37001.

Our philosophy is that an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) is far superior to a Anti-Bribery Compliance Program.

We believe that the adoption of the ABMS as defined by the ISO 37001 Standard is a strong improvement over the typical best practices based ABAC compliance programme.  There are a  number of reasons why we have this view and share some of the major ones here:

  • The ABMS gets the business to own and manage anti-bribery and corruption as part of their everyday goals and operations
  • The ABMS has a strong element of goal setting, review, testing and validation against those expectations
  • Certification of compliance adds significant value to a business and is a competitive advantage.

Our solutions for anti-bribery and corruption risks focus on the certification of your ABMS under the ISO Standard and the readiness of your business to undertake such a certification.

We believe there is tremendous value to companies to get certified under the Standard and we strongly encourage companies to gain that certification.  Again, there are lots of reasons, but here are just a few:

  • you will have a competitive advantage in customer bidding situations, where your certification will add value to your proposals because you are the 'safe option' from a compliance perspective
  • you will have an independent expert provide a certification annually which involves a deep dive into your system which gives great feedback and direction for improved focus.
  • you will have a competitive advantage from a ESG perspective to attract investors and talent that see value in your efforts to build a more compliant World free form corruption.

Check out our Certification options under the Certifications tab for more information on how to get started.

Our conflict-free guarantee 

Our independence is key to our certification’s legitimacy.  Prior to any work, ETHIC Intelligence's® team members must sign a declaration of absence of conflict of interest. Auditors’ names are provided to the organisation applying for certification prior to the audit, enabling the company to also verify this absence of conflict of interest.