ETHIC Intelligence Procedures 

Suspension, Withdrawal, Reduction in Scope, Restoration of a Certificate (SWRSC)

The objective of the suspension, withdrawal or reduction in scope of a certificate procedure is to ensure that decisions are taken according to the ISO 17021-1 rules and that all certified organisations are treated in the same consistent and fair manner.

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The objective of the complaints procedure is to allow anyone to raise a concern related to the way ETHIC Intelligence® , its clients or partners operate or any other issue they deem unsatisfactory. This includes but is not limited to breaches of ISO 17021.1 or ISO 17021.9 which govern the way certification bodies certify ISO 37001.


The objective of the alert process is to allow anyone to share a concern related to the behavior of employees or auditors, including suspected conflicts of interest. It is also designed to ensure that, if necessary, appropriate remediation and corrective actions are taken and alerts are properly tracked and recorded.

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The objective of the appeals procedure is to allow an ETHIC Intelligence®  client to challenge a decision which concerns the client - and only the client - related to a non-conformity, the denying, suspending, or scope reduction of a certificate.

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