Poor procedures chew up time and money

Significant time is wasted and customers frustrated when poor policies and procedures are long and complicated.

You are a large global company that does business around the world.  You need policies and procedures. We get that.  What we don't get is why they are so complicated and confusing and often just don't match reality. All that complication drives the users crazy and forces them to go around the process or, worse, go underground.

There is a real need to have external people question the drafting of these polices and procedures.  If we can't understand them on the first read through, then they are probably not going to work.

Time is money.  Wasting time on 'busy work' created by policies and procedures that are poorly designed is a inhibitor to success for any governance or compliance initiative.


The top 5 things we see in policies and procedures that cost companies money:

  1. Policies that are too legalistic, long-winded and difficult to understand
  2. Policies that are full of exceptions and exemptions
  3. Procedures that include too many unnecessary steps
  4. Procedures that are not visual or easy to follow
  5. Policies that are unclear as to roles and responsibilities and ownership


Have your governance and compliance policies and procedures reviewed for efficiency, common sense and usability.

As part of our review of programmes, we have to review the policies and procedures that form part of those programmes.  We are experienced at trying to decipher them, suggest simpler alternatives and areas where the drafter can review and improve the policies.

Simple solutions that enable policies and procedures to be followed faster will reduce cost and speed up business.


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