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ETHIC Intelligence® | Partner Integrity Managed Services

ETHIC Intelligence® is able to provide a managed service to companies that simply don't have the resources to manage the Partner Integrity Audit Solutions provided by ETHIC Intelligence®. 

Our Partner Integrity Managed Services are provided as an overarching service to clients that need that little bit more from us. This is particularly recommended for clients who are buying 50+ audits per year.

Our Partner Integrity Managed Services includes:

  • overall project management of the annual project with a dedicated project manager
  • provision of weekly meetings and a monthly project review meeting
  • tracking via a project management tool and ability to see actions, next steps progress
  • quarterly executive level updates and dashboards for completion
  • trend analysis across all projects and red flag analysis for higher risk issues seen across multiple audits
  • assistance with risk analysis of partners to determine who should be the subject of audits

Our Partner Integrity Managed Services are available for an additional fee. 


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