The Value of Partner Integrity Audit Solutions

Partner Integrity Audit Solutions provide tremendous value to compliance and business teams. 

Relying on due diligence and hoping that the partner is complying with their contracts is not a strategy.

  • Due diligence by public forum searches is insufficient and will not highlight future risk
  • Due diligence is not an assessment of the subjects compliance programme
  • Just because the subject partner has had an issue in the past, does not mean that they will have an issue in the future and should somehow be banned from doing business with you

Your partner will actually get value from the audit, as they get absolutely no value by conducting due diligence.

  • an audit is a two way process, it is a great way to engage with the subject company for the audit and provide them with your expectations as to their conduct 
  • due diligence conducted by most companies is done without engagement or, at best, by completing an online questionnaire.  Very little engagement at this level vs an audit that is very engaged.
  • An audit shows you are committed to the process and the engagement of partners with integrity, 

A compliance audit was often seen as out of the range of pricing and simply too expensive.  That has now changed. 

  • We have priced the Partner Integrity Audit Solutions from USD 2,500 which is a very reasonable price to pay given the depth of the work and the VALUE that it can bring to you.
  • Our pricing are fixed price.  We don't charge by the hour.
  • The Partner Integrity Audit Solutions have the pricing structured so that the more you agree and commit up front for the next twelve months the cheaper the base price for the service
  • We are able to charge the subject company or yourselves, whatever you prefer.
  • You can re-align some of your due diligence budget to focus on 

Save your compliance team and have them focus on risk management and more value added services.

  • Our teams are made up of both inhouse and contractors which allows us some flexibility in resources.  Our teams are committed and ready to start.  We have the capacity to handle projects that are global, concurrent and on a range of risk areas
  • Your team can focus on remediation, risk assessment and management reporting and leave the major work to us.
  • Because we are the leading audit firm globally for compliance, we have a global picture on audit and conduct our audits according to leading ISO practices. 



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