Partner Integrity Vs. In-House/Audit Firms

ETHIC Intelligence Procedures 

Using the ETHIC Intelligence | Partner Integrity Audit Solutions is more efficient than other resources, including in-house resources

The resourcing for the ETHIC Intelligence | Partner Integrity Audits are our own compliance audit experts and those of our contractors. We are experts at compliance Audits as that is all that we do. It is our sole focus. 

Against our competitors and in-house, this is how we stack up:

Value ETHIC Intelligence In-House (incl. internal audit or compliance) Big 4 Audit
Fixed Price Yes Yes No
Guaranteed Audit expertise in compliance Yes No No
Immediate Launch Yes No No
Global Presence Yes No No
Independence Yes No Maybe
Systematic expertise in the audit area Yes No No
Not Focusing on just financial issues Yes Maybe Maybe
Ability to project manage across multiple audits Yes No Maybe
Ability to compare other clients and see trends Yes No Maybe
No conflict issues Yes Yes No
Structured process audited by external bodies annually Yes No No
Known CV/resumes from auditors up front Yes Maybe Rarely
Experienced Compliance officers doing the audit Yes No No