Our Value proposition

Our focus on these issues is our value to clients

You have a choice when you engage a certification company to review your compliance programme or anti-bribery and corruption management system.  Your choices are often a larger global agency or a boutique offering such as ETHIC Intelligence®.

We believe that we are the right choice for your certification process for the following reasons:

Values. Our company is based on a set of values of integrity, trust and customer focus.  These were the values of our Founder and remain the same values today. We value our customers and the way that we take pride in our work. The value to you is that you can trust us to get it right when it matters. 

Content Knowledge. This should be really obvious, but we have the experience in anti-corruption.  Our leaders and auditors are experts and speak all around the World every month on anti-corruption compliance. We would challenge anyone to know this industry and subject matter better than us.  The benefit to you is faster responses, more intelligent findings and less wasted time.

Speed and Size. We react fast to the market and to our customers.  We are a small and dedicated team that means we can make decisions and move quickly. Our company is small enough to be agile and make decisions quickly, but big enough to implement certification projects for our major clients in a matter of weeks.  The value to you is that things happen faster and easier with much less red tape and rules to slow down projects.

Customer Focus. Everyone says they are customer focused, but we believe we are different and distinctive. We are not happy until you are delighted with your experience and with the service we provided.  If it is not right then we will make it right. The benefit to you is a much more focused set of solutions that are aimed at your success not ours.

Experience. We have been doing reviews of anti-corruption and compliance programs for more than 10 years and more than anyone in the market.  We were doing these programmes before the ISO Standard 37001 even existed. The benefit to you is that we are often smarter and faster which means that we are less expensive and more complete in our work giving you a better outcome.

Support. We are focused on helping you achieve your objective of a certification.  While we are unable to provide you consulting services and unable to 'fix things for you', we can certainly direct you where to go to get independent advice and counsel. The benefit to you is that when things go wrong, we fix them quickly and efficiently. 

Our audit team. Our audit team are experts both in auditing and also the subject matter.  Most of our competitors have limited content expertise.  This is a problem when you are trying to test substantively whether a system and set of programmes meet the Standard. We have this experience and knowledge in-house and through our contract resources.