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About ETHIC Intelligence


We have developed solutions that are sensible, well priced and have high return on investment.

ETHIC Intelligence® is an assurance and certification agency with a focus on governance & compliance.  Our long history of over 15 years makes us a World leader in certifying and assessing compliance programmes.

Since our inception, ETHIC Intelligence has been at the forefront of creating standards in the Governance & Compliance Industry.  Our focus has always been how to deliver well priced intelligent solutions.  It's just the way we operate.

There are lots of places where governance & compliance programs can reduce cost and increase effectiveness.  We know where they are.

We audit organisations’ governance & compliance systems to gauge their effectiveness in reducing organisational risk.  However, this is done with a view in mind of making cost effective programmes that actually add more value.

Areas where we find opportunities for cost reductions and efficiency savings are:

  • speeding up processes and driving efficiencies.  Governance and compliance should speed things up not slow them down
  • using technology more and moving away from paper systems
  • helping you manage the costs of third party due diligence much smarter and not wasting on unnecessary due diligence
  • focusing on the right risk areas with the most impact and not focus on those that are well managed
  • getting a great whistleblower program in place that adds value to your business and gives you actionable results and feedback
  • having better systems, better trained resources to handle things when things break and reducing investigation costs

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