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Our services at ETHIC Intelligence are all focused on gaining value from your governance & compliance programs.  We believe that the 'G' in 'ESG' is a tremendous value driver for a business, and, if done correctly, contribute to the value of the business, your customers, your employees and the community in which you operate.

We have three major heads of Services.


Our Assurance solutions are about an audit and review of your governance & compliance programs. A successful Assurance project results in a Assurance Certificate issued by ETHIC Intelligence for the program we have reviewed and subject to the terms upon which we have judged your program.

Our Assurance solutions cover programs that you may have around Partners (Partner Integrity solutions), your Workplace, or the Ecosystem in which you operate.  They can relate to ISO Guidelines, industry guidelines, UN, WEF or other guidelines or Standards.

All of our Assurance solutions involve an audit of your program and a review against stated objectives.


Our Certification Solutions are focused on issuing certifications under ISO Standards as they apply to Governance & Compliance and that we are accredited under ISO to issue a certification as an accredited certification body. 

This might, for example, involve a certification of your anti-bribery management system under ISO 37001.  The certification procedures are strict, highly structured and done in accordance with ISO audit standards. They are ideal for companies that have built their programs under these ISO Standards and are looking for services associated with certification or pre-certifications.


We train companies and individuals on governance, compliance, auditing, and building and maintaining governance & compliance systems. 




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