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We understand the recent challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented to organisations around the world, however corruption and bribery do not stop because of disease and neither can we. It is this commitment that has lead us to develop and continue developing remote services which solve the compliance and anti-corruption problems faced by your organisation. By setting the achievable goal of obtaining ISO 37001 certification during this challenging period and using these tools to do so, your organisation will see significant value added to it both in the present and future.

Remote Readiness Assessment

Remotely enjoy all the insights and preparation assistance for ISO 37001 certification that have made our in-person Readiness Assessment exercise so popular. The exercise is divided into 2 half-day online sessions. It begins with the compliance team and is followed by representatives from relevant departments if feasible (management, procurement, HR, sales, finance, etc.). It is recommended, at minimum, that representatives from management attend the presentation of results.

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Risk Scoping

A service that inherently requires remote delivery, our Risk Scoping requires your compliance team to complete an initial series of questions about your organisation and its partners. This tool then assists your team in classifying your partners according to risk level, offering insightful suggestions on how you should build your risk scoping framework around your organisations' unique operations.

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Remote Partner Integrity Audits

Identify the substantial risk that your partners might pose to your organisation by conducting remote audits of their businesses. These Remote Partner Integrity Audits will follow the general methodology of our in-person service. However, the obvious exception will be that our audit teams will conduct interviews via an online communication platform, requesting that relevant documents be sent digitally. Though our auditors will not be putting feet in your partners' offices, you can expect the same key insights and reduction of overall organisational risk that is delivered with our in-person service. 

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Remote Compliance Programme Audits

Though building a fit-for-purpose compliance programme is often crucial for organisations (and rightfully so), the testing of that programme's overall effectiveness is an often overlooked but critical second step of the process. The broad areas that compliance programmes can cover has necessitated our Remote Compliance Programme Audits be flexibile, working with your team to define the scope that would work best for your organisation. It is this same flexibility which has allowed us to make an easy transition towards remote delivery of this service. Organisations can expect the same insightful, external reviews being conducted remotely by experienced and specialised compliance professionals.

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Remote ISO 37001 Training

We have developed 2 courses which will be delivered through remote technology (Microsoft Teams).

Our 1-day course has been designed for compliance professionals with a legal background. It will help to identify gaps in your current anti-bribery programme and assist in its transformation to a comprehensive anti-bribery management system. Upon completion of the course, attendees will be issued an ABMS Professional Certificate.

Our 2-day course is ideally suited to those responsible for the implementation of your corporate anti-bribery management system (typically professionals within the compliance department). We will examine the ISO 37001 standard requirement by requirement, offering valuable real-world examples that stand as learning points for your ABMS improvement or implementation. Upon completion of the course, a Certified ABMS Professional Certificate will be issued.

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