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ETHIC Intelligence's Remote Offerings

We understand the recent challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented to orgnisations around the world, however corruption and bribery do not stop because of disease and neither can we. It is this commitment that has lead us to develop and continue developing remote services which solve the compliance and anti-bribery problems faced by your organisation. By setting the achievable goal of obtaining ISO 37001 certification during this challenging period and using these tools to do so, your organisation will see significant value added to it both in the present and future.

Remote Readiness Assessment

Enjoy all the insights and preparation assistance for ISO 37001 certification that has made our Readiness Assessment so popular, except that it is divided into 2 half-day online sessions. It will begin with the compliance team and be followed by representatives from relevant departments if feasible (management, procurement, HR, sales, finance, etc.). It is recommended, at minimum, that representatives from management attend the presentation of results.

Remote ISO 37001 Training

*Currently under development

Our remote training sessions will include a 1 or 2-day session, which will vary according to your title and the needs of your training. Learn how to transform your anti-bribery anti-corruption programme in to an anti-bribery management system, the step-by-step requirements, and much more from our world-class anti-bribery expert, Scott Lane.