Our Impartiality Committee

We take our independence seriously. 

ETHIC Intelligence® is a certification body.  We need to determine whether an anti-bribery management system is able to be certified and receive a certificate based on the merits of the program.  We are staking our reputation on our ability to identify whether a programme meets the Standard or not.

While it should go without saying - given that we are compliance, ethics and integrity experts - we never compromise our work based on some benefit either financially to our company or otherwise.  We would never promise a successful certification or the award of a certificate.  Likewise, no amount of money being paid by a client for a certification would sway our opinion on a project. 

We also will never act for a client where we have been involved in consulting on their anti-bribery management system.  It is simply inappropriate to audit something that you were involved in building. That is obvious, and we never would do such a thing.  We are not a consulting company and are not advisors. We are a certification body.

The same applies to our auditors, whether in-house or contractors. They are bound by the same principles and we ensure that we have clearance from possible conflicts before any engagement.

In order to make this even more transparent, we have a separate committee that is made up of representatives from customers, beneficiaries of certifications, ourselves and outside advisors to make sure that impartiality is at the heart of what we do.

    The Impartiality Committee for ISO 37001 is chaired by Founder, Philippe Montigny.


    See the full Impartiality procedure here


    Statement by Scott Lane, CEO, ETHIC Intelligence

    ETHIC Intelligence has been committed, since its inception in 2006, to guaranteeing the highest professionalism and total impartiality in its certification activities. 

    ETHIC Intelligence, a standalone company of The Red Flag Group, attests to its respect for all of the ISO/IEC 17021-1 & ISO/IEC 17021-9 standard’s guidelines, particularly those relating to the obligation of impartiality.

    To ensure that ETHIC Intelligence decisions related to the certification activity are taken objectively with no undue influence or stake, I have entrusted Philippe Montigny, founder of ETHIC Intelligence, to chair, as an external expert, both the Certification Committee granting certifications and the Impartiality Committee.

    ETHIC Intelligence ensures that its employees and auditors will not yield to any commercial, financial or other form of pressure regardless of the nature, from clients who might try to influence ETHIC Intelligence decisions.

    The management of ETHIC Intelligence is committed to preventing any form of conflict of interest which could affect the impartiality of its decisions. The top management has implemented a management system to evaluate, monitor and document any risk of conflict of interest related to its certification activity.

    Paris, September 30, 2018
    Scott Lane, CEO