Our Committees

Our Committees

Certification Committee

We take awarding certificates to a higher level 

ETHIC Intelligence's® certified auditors carry out their evaluations independently and their recommendations whether to award certification are based on their experience. 

To ensure the highest level of impartiality the ETHIC Intelligence® certified lead auditor drafts a descriptive report that facilitates in-depth review by the Certification Committee.

The Certification Committee then evaluates:

  • Whether the ISO 37001 audit methodology has been respected

  • Whether the analysis is based on appropriate documented information

  • Whether the recommendation to award or deny certification is consistent with the information detailed in the report

The Certification Committee for ISO 37001 is chaired by ETHIC Intelligence® President, Scott Lane.

Impartiality Committee


ETHIC Intelligence® is a certification body. We need to determine whether an anti-bribery management system can be certified based on the merits of the programme. We stake our reputation on our ability to identify whether a programme meets the Standard or not.

While it should go without saying - given that we are compliance, ethics, and integrity experts - we never compromise our work for any undue benefit to our company, financial or otherwise. We would never promise a successful certification or the awarding of a certificate. Likewise, no amount of money paid by a client could sway our opinion on a potential certification. 

In addition, we will never act for a client if we have been involved in consulting on their anti-bribery management system. It is simply inappropriate to audit something that you were involved in building. That is obvious. We are not a consulting company, nor are we advisers. We are a certification body.

The same applies to our auditors, whether in-house or contractors. They are bound by the same principles and we ensure that we have clearance from possible conflicts before any engagement.

In order to make this even more transparent, we have a separate committee that is made up of representatives from customers, beneficiaries of certifications, ourselves, and outside advisers to make sure that impartiality is at the heart of what we do.

    The Impartiality Committee for ISO 37001 is chaired by Susan Murr, former Chief Compliance Officer.

    See the full Impartiality procedure here