Our Auditors

Our experience in anti-bribery and corruption compliance is what sets us apart from our competitors

You have a choice of certification companies, and, at the end of the day you will (hopefully) gain a certification.  It's the same thing, right?
To use a simple example, consider going to the dentist for a routine check and clean.  Does it matter which dentist you use? You still get clean teeth at the end of the process, so why would you care which dentist you choose?
It does matter. 
You prefer someone who is a trained and highly competent dentist, someone who knows the procedures and has done it for many years, thousands of times, someone who has a spotlessly clean clinic, someone who practices good manners, is polite and thoughtful and someone that puts you, the patient, first.  Most of all, you want to make sure that anyone you recommend to go to that dentist also enjoys the same experience (as much as anyone attending a dentist can enjoy that experience).
The same applies here in our business. While you all walk away with the same 'certification' at the end of the process, the process itself and the people leading it are of utmost importance to how successful the whole experience is. 
If you are a compliance officer and you are choosing auditors to come into your business and engage with your business partners, you probably don't want any auditors to ask unnecessary questions that will embarrass you, seem unprofessional or waste their (or your) time.  You want highly experienced people that you can trust will do the right thing, act professionally, and respect you and the time of your colleagues.

Selecting our Auditors

ETHIC Intelligence® audits its certification clients using auditors that have been selected for their experience in anti-corruption management systems.  These individuals are known as ETHIC Intelligence® Certified Auditors and ETHIC Intelligence® Certified Lead Auditors.   These auditors are sometimes contractors to us and sometimes our own resources or those of our sister company, The Red Flag Group. 
All auditors have been trained through a specific ETHIC Intelligence® multi-day training session and have passed an assessment.  The multi-day training is devoted to anti-corruption issues: legal framework, recent case law, best practices, ISO 37001 requirements and audit techniques and evaluation processes.
We also look to see whether the prospective auditor has experience building and designing programmes, has completed audits either in-house or externally before and also has the personal and social skills to engage with your teams in a certification project.

On-going review and training

Every ETHIC Intelligence® certified auditor must also attend a yearly training on anti-corruption trends and emerging best practices lead by the ETHIC Intelligence team. 

Languages and Country knowledge 

ETHIC Intelligence® auditors are based in every continent and can audit in many languages.  
This international presence allows ETHIC Intelligence® to respond appropriately to organisations in every country for large multinationals that may benefit from a cost efficient multi-site audit.

Our conflict-free guarantee 

Auditors’ independence is key to the certification’s legitimacy.
Prior to any audit ETHIC Intelligence® auditors must sign a declaration of absence of conflict of interest.
Auditors’ names are provided to the organisation applying for certification prior to the audit, to enable the company to verify the absence of conflict of interest.
A whistleblowing system and complaints procedure are available for anyone who wishes to declare any situation believed to represent a conflict of interest.