Moving from Good to Great

We are focused on the 'G' in ESG.  'G' stands for Governance and 'G' stands for Great.

Our focus is on Governance and Compliance. We believe that ESG is here to stay and that organization's globally need to embrace ESG into everything they do.  They need to build it, tweak it and perfect it. It won't happen immediately but with constant assessment, verification, benchmarking and improvement, you can move to a GREAT governance & compliance system.

Moving from Good to Great.

We love helping with compliance and governance programs and turning them into GREAT governance & compliance programs. We believe there is true value in GREAT governance and compliance initiatives and that they truly add value to a business. 

However, to call your governance & compliance GREAT, you need someone to help you actually determine that.  Calling yourself GREAT is one thing, but having someone else independently verify it, is another.  We focus on helping you truly and independently call yourself GREAT.

We also provide the benchmarks upon which you can determine, GREAT. That is not something that you can do yourself against 'best practices'.  It needs to be done against a set of known standards and guidelines.


Why move ahead with ETHIC Intelligence for your next project?

We have also seen that the 'G' in ESG is widely misunderstood or very narrowly focused.  The 'G' in ESG seems to be the least developed in the ESG frameworks and companies that purport to be experts in ESG are rarely even considering the true elements of 'Governance'. We are focused on Governance and its related Compliance.  It is what we do.

We are focused on establishing great Governance & Compliance for companies and truly getting value for their efforts in building the G in ESG.

Our focus is clear.  We like Standards and Guidelines and we like validating companies against recognized Standards and Guidelines.  We have a strong focus in encouraging use of Standards and Guidelines and believe that this is the key to simplification, efficiency and an improvement in adoption.  We also strongly support the ISO adoption of standards and guidelines in Governance & Compliance. They are robust, structured, consistent and easy to apply.


We are auditors of ESG practices as it applies to Governance & Compliance.

ETHIC Intelligence® does not provide guidance nor advice nor consulting on the development of governance or compliance systems. We are ONLY an audit, assurance and certification body and we recommend all clients who are looking for a consulting organisation to help develop a governance or compliance programme to consult with other companies in the management consulting space.