ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™

ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™

What is the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™

The ETHIC Intelligence® Pre-Audit™ determines your organisation’s readiness for an ISO 37301 certification and helps you understand how the process works prior to conducting a certification audit.

The ETHIC Intelligence® Pre-Audit™ is conducted by a fully qualified ISO 37301 auditor which will allow you to obtain a clear understanding of your system's strengths and weaknesses.

How Does it Work?

  1. Prior to the audit, complete our application questionnaire. This gives us a better idea of your organisation, goals for certification, business model, and compliance requirements.

  2. Based on your responses to the questionnaire, our experts will work with you to select sites for audit based on your organisation’s size, industry, risks, current compliance system, and certification requirements.

  3. Our auditor and project management team will host a kick-off meeting with your organisation to further understand its context and establish a personalised audit program.

  4. Our auditor visits your site, conducts interviews with staff identified in the audit plan, analyses your processes and practices, and presents his/her findings.

  5. While shorter than a full certification audit, the auditor covers all aspects of the standard's requirements to give you a good understanding of how ready you are to pass the certification audit.

  6. Our auditor team drafts the audit report, details the audit findings and identifies strengths and weaknesses in your system.

The benefits of an ETHIC Intelligence® ISO  37301 Pre-Audit™

  • Your organisation finds itself in an audit situation without having the actual pressure of failing the certification process.

  • Our auditors identify any key areas that require further development or improvement.

  • The ETHIC Intelligence® Pre-Audit™ will optimise your chances of achieving an ISO 37301 certification as the processes share a common terminology and structure.

Why should I consider the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™?

  • The ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™ is risk-based and demonstrates to regulators and other stakeholders that you have created an organisational culture where compliance is a fundamental part of doing business.

  • A specifically trained ETHIC Intelligence® auditor produces a detailed report, which helps your compliance team establish and implement effective compliance systems and controls.

  • The ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™ helps identify potential weaknesses in your compliance management system and gives you time to correct those before the formal certification audit.

  • The ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37301 Pre-Audit™ allows your organisation to build confidence before the formal certification audit.


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