ISO 37002 Corporate Training

ISO 37001 ABMS Professional Training

ISO 37002 Corporate Training

A New Guideline to apply to your whistleblower program

The ISO 37002 Whistleblower Guidelines is a non-ISO-certifiable global benchmark for whistleblower systems.  The ISO 37002 Whistleblower Guidelines improves the way organizations build and manage their whistleblower and compliance reporting solutions.

Start preparing yourself and your extended teams by attending one of our training sessions held exclusively for companies looking to embark on building a whistleblower system around these new guidelines.  Our interactive sessions will engage you, challenge you and equip you to build (or adapt) a whistleblower system.

ISO 37002 Corporate Participant Training

Taking place over a 3-day period, our digital corporate participant training will thoroughly showcase the guidelines' framework and apply it to real life examples. This knowledge can then be utilized to effectively build or be a participant of your whistleblower system.  The course is custom modified, interactive and engaging.  It is perfect for all levels and all types of participants and should be a pre-requisite for any company embarking on either a build of an system or companies looking to undergo a ETHIC Intelligence Assurance Audit. Group size up to 50 is supported.

ISO 37002 Lead Implementer Training

Taking place over a 2-day period, our digital lead implementer training will thoroughly familiarse attendees with the guidelines and framework. This knowledge can then be utilised to effectively convert a current whistleblower programme or build one from the ground up. 

ISO 37002 Auditor Training

ETHIC Intelligence will also be looking for auditors to be trained to assist us in providing assurance audits and services.  If you are a compliance auditor or professional who would like to be trained as an ISO 37002 assurance auditor, consider attending our 4-day auditor training session. The 4 days can be reduced if the participantant has completed a ISO 37001 / ISO 37301 Auditor Training Session.  Contact us for further details.