ISO 37001 ABMS Professional Training

ISO 37001 ABMS Professional Training

The upcoming sessions of professional training on the ISO 37001 standard on Anti-Bribery Management Systems have been postponed due to the current outbreak of Covid 19. As soon as it is possible, we will reschedule these sessions and update the dates on our website and social media.   

The ISO 37001 standard on Anti-Bribery Management Systems is a certifiable standard which consists of a set of requirements developed to help organisations detect and prevent bribery. 

ETHIC Intelligence® is offering training sessions on the standard in Zurich, Chicago and Mexico City

1-Day ABMS Professional Course

This training session is designed for compliance professionals with a legal background and focuses on transforming an anti-bribery programme into a management system. It will help identify gaps in the current programme. Participants receive an ABMS Professional certificate at the end of the training

2-Day Certified ABMS Professional Course

This session targets those responsible for the implementation of their organisation's anti-bribery management system. At the end of the session participants will be in a position to implement or audit an ABMS and will receive an Certified ABMS Professional certificate.

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