ISO 37000 Governance Readiness Assessment

ISO 37301 Readiness Assessment™

What is the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance Readiness Assessment™?

The ETHIC Intelligence® Governance Readiness Assessment™ is an interactive workshop and gap analysis exercise designed to assess objectively how your organisation's governance system measures up against the requirements of the ISO 37000 Governance Guidelines.

ETHIC Intelligence® experts will walk you through each requirement to see what controls and processes you have in place. Following the workshop, you will receive a scorecard and report outlining how your existing governance system measures up against ISO 37000.

While the designing, implementing, reviewing, and improving of the governance system are primarily conducted by the compliance or legal department, ISO 37000’s function as a set of guidelines requires that different parts of an organisation be involved in its daily execution. Operations, human resources, procurement, communications, management, audit, and finance all have a role to play.

ETHIC Intelligence® continues to support its clients by delivering our ISO 37000 Readiness Assessment™ workshops remotely.

General methodology

  1. Begins with an interactive workshop that introduces the ISO 37000 Governance Guidelines, its value, and the assurance process.
  2. Participants are then asked questions from a handbook prepared by ETHIC Intelligence® (sent in advance) to learn about existing controls, processes, and documentation.
  3. Based on a collective discussion and the responses provided, a quantitative assessment is conducted to evaluate how the organisation measures up against each ISO 37000 governance guidelines.
  4. An overall evaluation is presented at the end of the workshop and a report is delivered to your organisation within two weeks, documenting gaps and areas of improvement for your management team’s review. The seminar necessitates the participation of all branches’ representatives involved in the whistleblower system as indicated above.

How does it work remotely?

The remote workshop will follow the general methodology of the in-person session, except that it is divided into 2 half-day online sessions. It will begin with the compliance team and be followed by representatives from relevant departments if feasible (management, procurement, HR, sales, finance, etc.). It is recommended, at minimum, that representatives from management attend the presentation of results.

The benefits of the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance Readiness Assessment

The ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance Readiness Assessment™ is ideal for organisations that are considering ISO 37000 Assurance, but need comfort on the readiness of their existing controls and processes. This valuable assessment will highlight problem areas that require further development prior to undergoing an audit.

The benefits of an ISO 37000 Governance Readiness Assessment are:

  • You will receive an objective benchmarking of your organisation’s governance system.
  • The scoring of each requirement helps your organisation prepare for an ISO 37000 audit and assurance process
  • You will be able to use our report as an input to develop a plan for further development of your governance system.

Presentation of the results and deliverables

At the end of the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance Readiness Assessment seminar, the percentage of deployment is automatically transformed into a graphic indicating the level of achievement of the governance system. A written report follows two weeks later.

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