ISO 37000 Governance Quickstart™

ISO 37001 Quickstart™ 

Why should I consider the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance Quickstart™?

If your organisation has a well-developed governance system, consider our ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance QuickStart™ to begin planning for the assurance process.

Through the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance QuickStart™ service, our team of experts develops an audit programme (3-year roadmap) to guide your organisation through the audit process. 

If you have questions about your level of preparedness, the ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance QuickStart™ can help to identify potential gaps in your program. This will allow us to suggest other services, such as our Readiness Assessment, that can help you to further establish your programme.

How does it work?

1. Complete our preliminary application questionnaire so we can get a better idea of your organisation, goals for assurance, business model, and governance requirements.

2. Receive a tailor-made three-year programme that defines the audit scope and estimated costs.

3. Identify and select audit sites based on your organisation’s size, context, risks, and governance programme.

4. Build an auditor team with the skillset required for your organisation.

5. Learn about our audit and assurance methodology.

6. Prepare the necessary documents for review and functions we will interview.


The benefits of ETHIC Intelligence® ISO 37000 Governance Quickstart™

  • Offers a head start on planning the assurance and audit process

  • Gets you a first readiness check of your governance programme and where to shift budget and/or resources

  • Helps your organisation understand the commitment, costs, and value of the ISO 37000 Governance Assurance Certificate.

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