Independent Assessment of Compliance Systems

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Ever had your compliance programme reviewed? Is it best practice? Does it meet or exceed global standards? Is the business asking for an independent review?

From time to time there are situations where the business loses faith in the compliance initiatives and the whole program needs a review and a re-look. 

There are typically 5 reasons why this might happen:

  1. The business loses faith because of continual compliance failures and breaches causing issues, cost and reputational damage
  2. Turnover in the compliance department leading to a 'new person' looking to get a 'state of the nation' and a roadmap for improvements
  3. A customer or key stakeholder has asked you for an independent audit or review follow some form of issue or finding
  4. A need to review following a merger or other corporate action that causes into question whether a program should continue and how.
  5. The business thinks we are 'doing too much' and wants to calibrate the programme and get some external assessment.

The team at ETHIC Intelligence are able to assess your program independently and provide our suggestions for improvement.


  • We will securely collect information and review the entire compliance system that is within scope
  • We will assess the adequacy of the system and determine whether they meet applicable laws, local regulations, contractual obligations, and organisational policies​, and global standards and guidelines
  • We will interview relevant personnel and collect their feedback on the programmes with in-depth interviews and knowledge testing
  • We will test the actual application of those programmes through limited sampling​ of key controls
  • We will identify any red flags (gaps with the applicable terms of reference) which may be necessary to address and improve.
  • Provide a final report.

We approach all engagements with project management oversight and a clear set of actions and deliverables. 

  1. We will present a questionnaire to you before the meeting, which will provide our team with a background of your business model and guide the topic of conversation.
  2. Our staff will then present you with a review and audit plan that will be tailored to your organisation's goals and what you want to achieve from the review/audit
  3. After the plan is agreed upon, we will work with your team to engage with people on the scope of the review and confirm the review dates and a pre-review checklist, which helps to improve the efficiency of our review and audit process.
  4. We will conduct our review/audit draft a report for initial review and signoff. 

Our team are well known experts in compliance and governance. 

Our experts have performed countless reviews, assessments and certification audits, helping to build our reputation as the world leader in compliance auditing, assessments and certifications. All our projects are overseen by our lead expert, Scott Lane, a 20+ year expert in building and managing compliance projects.

Our unique advantage to our competitor firms is that we have no incentive to over emphasize gaps try and recommend upselling solutions or engage in massive investigations costing you a potential fortune. 

There are a number of small and large companies or firms in the market that can provide this sort of service.  Our unique position is that we don't:

  • provide consulting services around repairing issues, redrafting or refurbishing your programmes after issues have been identified
  • provide investigations on issues found.
We are auditors and reviewers. We are independent and have no incentive to leverage this project for others or to use it as a 'loss leader' to influence the winning of additional projects. 



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