How do I get compliance embedded in the business?

About ETHIC Intelligence


Governance & compliance should be part of the fabric of the business.  However, it rarely is that way when we review it.

ETHIC Intelligence® is an assurance and certification agency with a focus on governance & compliance.  Our long history of over 15 years makes us a World leader in certifying and assessing compliance programmes.

We believe that governance & compliance should be embedded into the business just like safety and other preventative measure.  However, it rarely is embedded to the extent it should be.

Our audits of compliance systems identify common areas why the programmes are rarely embedded effectively.

  1. Ineffective consideration to the business is given at the design stage and thereby processes and procedures are built in parallel to already existing business processes.
  2. Business teams are not involved in the development and signoff of the program and only compliance is left to manage these initiatives, which, by its nature, leads to less integration.
  3. There is often a lack of understanding of value to the business of various initiatives.  If there isn't that fundamental understanding, then there won't be buy-in and there won't be engagement.  This leads to a fundamental disconnect and a lack of interest to embed programmes.
  4. There is no use of a clear framework that starts at the business teams and then includes other functions.  It tends to work the other way.
  5. A lack of respect for the real risks that a business may face when in the eyes of functions vs. the business. 
  6. A lack of resources and experience on the business side because they don't have embedded compliance teams that understand the business, or, who, preferably come from it.

The great thing about the ISO Standards is that they force embedding.

The very nature of most of the ISO Standards in this area is that they are 'management standards' not 'compliance programmes'. The ISO Standards and Guidelines in these areas are specifically designed to address this problem and if they are adopted, there is minimal chance that the programmes will not be embedded effectively into the business as it is essential to the operation of the Standards.

Our solutions focus on getting governance & compliance integrated into the business and thereby improving your business and its ESG ratings.

We audit organisations’ governance & compliance systems to gauge their effectiveness in reducing organisational risk.  We believe that if done properly, the 'G' in 'ESG' is a huge value driver to a business and our job is to help companies know whether it is, in fact, done properly.

We focus on:

  • driving great governance through strong and valuable governance systems
  • making your systems to be a true competitive advantage
  • helping you audit and manage third parties to reduce organisational risk
  • getting a great whistleblower program in place that adds value to your business


ESG is a driver of business growth.  Our job is to make sure companies do it properly and that it adds value to their business. It can only do that if it is integrated correctly.

ETHIC Intelligence® does not provide guidance nor advice nor consulting on the development of compliance management systems.  ETHIC Intelligence® is an assurance and certification body and we recommend all clients who are looking for a consulting organisation to help develop a governance or compliance programme to consult with other companies in the management consulting space.


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