Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gain certification for just a business unit, a group, a subsidiary or the whole company?

Start off small and then grow bigger. Use a pilot country or business unit. It is always a good idea to tackle a project with bite-sized pieces to make it easier to implement and gain the buy-in for your certification initiative. There is no issue at all in seeking certification for only a part of your organisation.

Can we build your system for you?

It seems obvious, but we will say it again. You need to build your compliance programme/anti-bribery management system first and then our role is to review it, audit it, and (hopefully) provide you a certification under the ISO certification authority. We can't help you build or design your programmes or systems, but we can certainly certify them.

Are on-site visits required?

It is a requirement that we come on site to a certain number of your locations to conduct audits and interviews. These locations will be discussed with you and agreed in advance. Where practicable we will handle as much work off-line as possible.

What is the purpose of ETHIC Intelligence® pre-certification services?

Our pre-certification services are all focused on helping you get ready for certification. We can't advise you on your programme, but we can support you with training, management briefings, pre-audits, and scoping.

How long is the certification commitment under ISO 37001?

The requirements of certification are for a three year commitment.  In year 2 and 3 there are surveillance audits to make sure that the management system is working as we expected in Year 1.  We will agree with you upfront as to how these work and the locations and scope of any subsequent year's audits.

Looking for extra help to learn what is expected and required? 

We strongly recommend that you attend one of our briefing sessions on the standard and the certification process. These are held at various locations around the world and available for purchase through our online store on this site.