Every Approval takes time and money

We are focused on the 'G' in ESG. 'G' means Good and Governance.  Poor approval authorities is neither.

Governance and compliance initiatives require lots of approvals. Too many in most cases. These approvals slow things down, take time and lose precious capacity of the people that need to approve.

We are focused on helping companies appreciate the wasted approval levels in their Governance & Compliance systems and focus on re-engineering.

Our focus is clear.  We have a strong focus in simplification, efficiency and making governance and compliance systems actually smart.  A smart system has a chance of becoming a GREAT system where it not only manages risk, but adds value to the business and its stakeholders many times over.

Our audits of ESG practices as it applies to Governance & Compliance, commonly finds these mistakes in approvals, costing companies potentially millions in lost deals, delayed deals or frustrating customers who walk away in disgust.

  • approvers who simply don't need to be in the process at all
  • approvers that have to sign off on everything, not just the rare exceptions
  • approvers that have to sign in writing without using e-systems, and then find scanners and other means to get the originals sent to the right place
  • approvers that are not really approvers but are seen as 'observers'
  • approvers that don't delegate their authority enough or low enough thereby creating bottlenecks
  • approvers that are overwhelmed and sit on approvals because they are too scared of the consequences of a mistake or don't understand their authority
  • a total lack of a matrix to explain authority levels
  • any comfort to approvers about their own personal; authority.

We see these issues in almost every audit, assurance or certification project. 

We strive to highlight areas for improvement where a governance or compliance program can get great improvements by reconsidering these key questions around approvers and their authority.