Enhance your corporate reputation

Companies that have strong Governance & Compliance (as part of the 'G' in ESG), will enhance their corporate reputation because of their efforts. 

ETHIC Intelligence® believes that companies that take governance and compliance seriously, and strive for GREATness through the assurance or certification of their governance and compliance programmes will see reputation improvements by key stakeholders.

  • Every investor, private equity investor, investment banker, investment advisor, fund manager and private banker is searching for companies with strong ESG credentials.  They invest in companies that have proven high levels of governance & compliance.  Great reputations will lead you to those connections far easier.
  • Customers vote with their feet.  They have a choice as to who they work with and buy from.  Customers expect high levels of compliance, they expect good integrity, they expect companies to treat them fairly.  Great governance and compliance helps that cause.
  • Every employee wants to work with a company that has strong ethics, is mindful of its environmental and social footprint.  It is well known that new generations of workers want to work with companies that have focus, values and a sense of purpose.
  • No one wants to work for a company that is constantly involved in illegal activity, front page news around misbehavior, and is the poster child for 'what not to do'.
  • trying to grow Internationally and get into new markets? Much easier if your reputation of good governance precedes you and opens doors with Governments rather than closes them

Our job, at ETHIC Intelligence is to provide you with the support you need to build your knowledge and experience in these areas and give you the depth needed in your Governance & Compliance programs to obtain true GREATness. We do this by offering a range of solutions from training through to assurance and certification of your Governance and Compliance programs.

The ultimate measure of success is an independent assurance or certification of your governance & compliance programs against known global standards.


We are unique in that we truly have the risk, compliance and governance expertise along with auditing and certification experience. Choosing ETHIC Intelligence® is the right option for organisations that are serious about governance and compliance and gaining an assurance or certification which has real value and that they can be proud of. 

    ETHIC Intelligence® does not provide guidance nor advice nor consulting on the development of governance & compliance systems. We are an assurance and certification body and we recommend all clients who are looking for a consulting organisation to consult with other companies in the management consulting space.