Don't waste money on the wrong due diligence

Our Auditors  

Understand how to apportion your budget across the most risky third parties.

Identifying the level of risk that each of your third-party partners presents to your organisation is the key first step in performing efficient and valuable due diligence.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that this scoping task is done incorrectly. No matter if you are over or under valuing threats posed to your organisation, incorrectly putting into place this due diligence cornerstone will lead to poor decision making and inefficiencies in all of the tasks that follow.

We can audit and review the whole third party programs to assess where you can have maximum value from changes.

Cust costs by better scoping risks in third parties.  It's that simple.

ETHIC Intelligence has solutions for all organisations that are required to conduct due diligence. Our solutions helps to ensure the critical cornerstone of due diligence and properly identifies third party risk levels, leading to more efficient spending of the due diligence budget.

  • Practical-A simple formula makes building your risk assessment framework easier than ever
  • Effective- Created with input from our team of compliance specialised auditors, the trust-worthy solutions that it provides are based upon data from real-world experiences.
  • Budget Friendly- Instead of paying thousands of dollars to have a consultant build your framework, our cost-effective Partner Integrity Risk Scoping aides you in building it yourself
  • Efficient- Between the planning, assessment, and implementation phases, consultancy takes time which many organisations do not have. Build and implement your risk assessment framework in just a few days by using our solutions.
We have been looking at programs for over 15 years and know when they are over-designed and over-engineered.

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