Build organisational resilience

Great Governance & Compliance builds organizational resilience.

When building Great Governance and Compliance across your organization, you are also building organizational resilience.

We believe that building resilience can come from these areas, at a minimum, in a crisis when it matters most:

  • great governance means you have a top governing body in control of strategy and working well with your top leadership in terms of execution.  In tough times, everyone knows their role and there is clear delineation of responsibility. Clear decision making and accountability is clear in those times.
  • Great governance means that there is a system to govern the company.  In tough times if there is a collapse of the financials, a collapse of the market, a global issue that affects business, or a collapse of an executive team, there is a documented and clear system in place to operate the company. Stay calm and carry on.
  • Great compliance means that there is a culture of compliance, a culture of integrity and people just 'doing the right thing'.  In times of struggle, that sense of compliance culture kicks in because it means that people will do 'the right thing when no one is looking'.  In a crisis, you can't be across everything and knowing that integrity remains in tact is a great relief.
  • Great governance and great compliance means that in times of crisis, there is a strong sense of belonging for employees, contractors, partners and suppliers. They share a common purpose and a shared vision - which will hold them together.  This shared vision and common purpose is developed through strong ethical management, a shared set of values, a shared understanding of expectations and knowledge about 'how' to operate the company. 


Why move ahead with ETHIC Intelligence for your next project?

We are focused on Governance and its related Compliance.  It is what we do. We are focused on establishing great Governance & Compliance for companies and truly getting value for their efforts in building the G in ESG.  We believe that there are strong business benefits and resilience is at the top of our list.


We are auditors of ESG practices as it applies to Governance & Compliance.  We make sure it works.

ETHIC Intelligence® does not provide guidance nor advice nor consulting on the development of governance or compliance systems. We are ONLY an audit, assurance and certification body and we recommend all clients who are looking for a consulting organisation to help develop a governance or compliance programme to consult with other companies in the management consulting space.