Board or Audit Committee Member?

Board Members or Audit Committee members should demand that the company that they represent obtain an independent review of their anti-corruption programmes.

It is comforting to be a Board Member or Audit Committee Member of a large company when you know that there is a compliance programme in place to manage certain legal and regulatory risks across the Company.  It is also comforting to have them present the programme to you from time to time to see what issues you might come across in the business and learn how they are being addressed.

Wouldn't it give you much more comfort to have an independent auditor come in and assess that programme and have it certified under a recognised ISO Standard?

Board Members and Audit Committee members are strongly advised to require that the companies they support engage a certification body with experience in anti-corruption matters to audit the anti-bribery programme (and isssue a certification if appropriate). This will give you piece of mind that there is a robust anti-bribery management system in place and that the team that manages the programme is doing so according to a recognised Standard (not just some vague 'best practices').

You demand that the company get its accounts independently audited every year, what about the compliance programme for something as important as anti-bribery?  It is a criminal activity after all to which you, as a Board member, can be held responsible.  Willing to go to jail for not demanding an independent audit (that won't cost you a cent of your own money)?