About Us

About Us

ETHIC Intelligence® is a boutique certification agency for  anti-bribery and compliance management systems according to the International Standards Organisation (ISO). 

Our focus is the certification of companies according to ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems and the testing of compliance programmes according to ISO 19600.

ETHIC Intelligence® has been the pioneer in the certification of compliance programmes since 2006 and was certifying companies before the ISO Standard was ever conceived. Now that the ISO Standard 19600 and 37001 are released and universally accepted, ETHIC Intelligence® is focusing its attention on these standards to help companies make their compliance programmes a competitive advantage.

We are not just a 'normal' certification agency, we are a boutique client-focused agency that is committed to the provision of high quality services around certifications. Our attention to clients and our personalised service is a strong differentiator to our competitors. Supporting our attention to clients is our domain expertise. We are anti-corruption and compliance experts. We know the law, the practice and the complexities of implementing and managing compliance programmes.

ETHIC Intelligence® does not provide guidance nor advice nor consulting on the development of an anti-bribery management system. ETHIC Intelligence® is ONLY a certification body and we recommend all clients who are looking for a consulting organisation to help develop an anti-bribery programme to consult with other companies in the anti-corruption or management consulting space.


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