Partner Integrity™ Assurance Solutions

Partner Integrity Audit Solutions

About Our Partner Integrity™ Assurance Solutions

Since our inception in 2006, auditing compliance programmes and particularly anti-corruption compliance programmes has been the focus of our business. However, as our renowned team of compliance specialised auditors has grown to cover more and more of the globe over the years, it made sense to leverage their specialisation and localisation for more than just certification. Thus, our Partner Integrity™ Audit Solution products were created to expand the portfolio of services for which our auditors are available. 

Our Partner Integrity™ Audit Solutions are a suite of services that provide audits to large organisations who wish to conduct external on-site audits that improve upon their legally required due diligence. Our auditors’ guaranteed compliance specialisation ensures that our services are consistently excellent and executed efficiently, regardless of the partner's industry, with a fixed price.

We help you determine whether your partners are:

  • ethical
  • act with integrity
  • understand and comply with key compliance legislation
  • meet or exceed international standards around key risk areas; and
  • comply with the terms of your contracts

The sorts of partners that we conduct audits on are:

  • suppliers
  • channel partners (distributors, agents, resellers, brokers)
  • advisors, consultants and other key stakeholders

Our Partner Integrity Assurance Service Suite Includes:

Risk Scoping

Identifying the level of risk that each of your third-party partners present to your organisation is the key first step in performing efficient and valuable due diligence. Unfortunately, it is often the case that this scoping task is done incorrectly. No matter if you are over or under valuing threats posed to your organisation, incorrectly putting in to place this due diligence cornerstone will lead to poor decision making and inefficiencies in all of the tasks that follow.

By completing a series of questions, this tool assists your organisation in building a risk scoping framework that is tailored to your specific needs.

Channel Partner Audits

Representing your brand to clients throughout the world, missteps from channel partners can cause significant reputational and financial damage to your organisation. Thus, ensuring that your channel partners have integrity, social and ethical underpinnings that align with your brand and goals is critical to increasing brand protection.

This solution will build upon your supply-chain risk framework, helping you to conduct thorough audits of your most at-risk channel partners in almost any country. Our anti-corruption specialists with local expertise will conduct your audits according to our standards and with your specific directions.

Supplier Audits

As supply-chain disruptions can cause considerable damage to profits, growth and reputation, it is clear that managing the risks of suppliers should be a priority. Organisations should be asking themselves which of their suppliers could cause critical operational or financial problems if they were found to have compliance or integrity issues.

This solution will build upon your supply-chain risk framework, helping you to conduct thorough audits of your most at-risk suppliers in almost any country.  Our anti-corruption specialists with local expertise will conduct your audits according to our standards and with your specific directions.

Managed Services

ETHIC Intelligence® is able to provide a managed service to companies that simply don't have the resources to manage any of the Partner Integrity Audit Solutions provided by ETHIC Intelligence®. Our Managed Services are provided as an overarching service to our clients that need that little bit more from us. This is particularly recommended for clients who are buying 50+ audits per year.

Why choose our Partner Integrity™ Solutions?

In-Person Service

You are responsible for the acts of your distributors, intermediaries, and third parties. You are responsible for identifying those presenting higher risks to your organisation, whether they be legal, ethical, or regulatory. You are also responsible for deciding the mitigation action that needs to be taken. Standard due diligence procedures that cover these responsibilities can be performed based on public data, however this is not enough, particularly for your most at risk parties.

Improve upon your legally required due diligence by hiring an agency that goes beyond the superficial public information that is available on websites or in the media. Our auditors dig deeper into companies, conducting reviews and audits to limit your risk of exposure. This is particularly important for partners that your organisation might consider "high risk".


While audits are a common response to supplier management, they are often too superficial to identify any major issues. As many of the risks are perpetrated by criminals capable of outsmarting unexperienced auditors, complex audits must be conducted with clear and deep mandates.

We only accept auditors who specialise in compliance and who have experience on countless audits. Our network is spread throughout the globe, with a wide range of spoken languages. This skillset significantly reduces your risk of exposure and limits the amount of time required in order to perform these services.

How we stack up to in-house services and competitors:

Value ETHIC Intelligence In-House (incl. internal audit or compliance) Standard External Audit Provider
Fixed Price Yes Yes No
Guaranteed Audit expertise in compliance Yes No No
Immediate Launch Yes No No
Global Presence Yes No No
Independence Yes No Maybe
Systematic expertise in the audit area Yes No No
Not Focusing on just financial issues Yes Maybe Maybe
Ability to project manage across multiple audits Yes No Maybe
Ability to compare other clients and see trends Yes No Maybe
No conflict issues Yes Yes No
Structured process audited by external bodies annually Yes No No
Known CV/resumes from auditors up front Yes Maybe Rarely
Experienced Complianced officers doing the audit Yes No No


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