About ISO Certification

Display your compliance strength

It is common for organisations that are unaware of ISO or are inexperienced in dealing with its standards to wonder what value getting certified can offer their organisation?

Major benefits include:

  • International frameworks that can be used by businesses of all sizes and in any sector
  • Flexible enough to be easily amended as your organisation grows and changes
  • A system built to continuously improve itself through regular reviews
  • Significant brand value, as your organisation immediately becomes the "safe option" amongst competitors
  • Quicker negotiations with multinationals, because less due diligence is required of organisations who have already been certified by a qualified third party
  • Stabilise partner ecosystems by requiring them to meet higher standards
  • Reduce the risk of prosecution

Who is ISO?

The organisation itself was created post WW2, following on from an association created in the 1920s. The initial objective of ISO was to develop harmonised standards that were internationally recognised for safer, more reliable, and better quality products and services.

While standards were initially focused on “products”, they later included management systems or the set of policies, processes, and procedures used by an organisation to ensure that it can achieve certain goals. These were initially developed in the US and UK in the 1960s, but they eventually served as the inspiration for the first ISO management system, ISO 9001 for quality management, which was published in 1987.

Since then, a number of management systems have been developed to cover areas other than quality, including: environment, health & safety, information security, energy, anti-corruption, and more.

Our certifications

ISO 37001

A global standard against which organisations can measure their anti-bribery programmes. The standard harmonises guidelines from major anti-corruption regulations and was developed by experts from 38 countries. 

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ISO 37301

Building on ISO's previous 19600 standard, this new global standard will provide a benchmark against which organisations can measure their compliance programmes. Expected to be published in the second quarter of 2021, organisations can begin building their compliance sytems according to the standard and have a gap analysis conducted to be prepared for certification.

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Why choose ETHIC Intelligence?

Unlike many competitors who are focused on a broad range of services, we are true compliance experts who specialise in both auditing and certification. With 45 languages on staff and our team of auditors located throughout the globe, our range of coverage and local expertise ensures that your certification process will be conducted with maximum efficiency. This size and versality is often key for multinational companies, whose large scale projects can require a global scope. Choosing ETHIC Intelligence® is the right option for organisations that are serious about improving their compliance efforts and want to attain a certification which adds real value to their organisation.