FACT: An ISO 37001 audit & certification does not derail legal privilege

We received a challenge from a prospective client that if their organization adopted ISO 37001, they may be reducing the protections offered by the attorney-client privilege. They were particularly concerned about the potential impact for communications about sensitive legal issues in the United States.

Their view was that handing over access to key parts of their anti-bribery management system, might somehow waive privilege in those documents (even if it was just to an auditing certification body). In fact, their allegation was that the potential loss of their protection caused by this step, would be a major reason to not engage in the certification process for ISO 37001.

However, these concerns are misplaced and we have proven so in this whitepaper. If properly implemented, ISO 37001 should enhance an organisation’s ability to protect its attorney-client privileged documents. 

Download our Whitepaper here.