Choose your ISO 37001 Auditor Wisely

ISO 37001 auditors are hard to come by and not every certification body has auditors sitting around.  The skillset and experience required in an ISO37001 certification process are rare and not common across your typical certification body.

Here at ETHIC Intelligence, we take our auditor competency seriously.  We would never suggest you engage a certification body without knowing the backgrounds of your auditors.  We always share the backgrounds and experience with all clients and are proud of the people that we use on our projects.

There are a number of key skills and experiences that we look for in any auditor for a certification project. 

Anti-Corruption Expertise. The number one skillset is expertise on the subject matter.  To think that you can use an auditor that hasn't been a compliance officer, hasn't built or advised on the building of several anti-corruption programmes, hasn't worked in multiple high risk markets or hasn't been involved in anti-corruption investigations is simply non sensical. These are the most basic skills that you need to be an effective auditor in ISO 37001.  Without them, you have nothing.  You should demand to see the expertise of your auditor.

Auditing Expertise. Our auditors all know how to audit to the ISO standards.  This is not a financial audit or simply a quality audit.  They are different auditing skills and we focus on having our auditors trained under ISO 19011 Standards of auditing.  The use of any auditor just because they once worked in the audit group of a 'Big 4' is not sufficient for our needs and the demands of our clients.  Our auditors are trained on ISO auditing standards and regularly update their skills.

Integrity.  While it should go without saying, as anti-corruption experts, we can tell you that some of the normal corruption issues we have seen in our major competitors have been auditors asking for kickbacks from the companies that they audit. We have seen this in the areas of factory audits in China and also audits completed in the ISO 9001 space.  This sort of conduct is appalling and should never be allowed to enter our industry and our ISO 37001 audits. Much of this comes down to the quality of the auditors and the certification body.  Suffice to say that the ETHIC Intelligence auditors are selected and chosen for their integrity.  As a business that has ETHIC(s) in its name, it is at our heart.

Social and Customer Skills. While we are auditors, we are also humans and professionals.  We engage with our clients and their teams globally to make the audit and certification process a great success.  We are customer focused and always strive to achieve an outstanding relationship with our client.  It is built into our DNA to be customer focused.

We always look for the above general approaches to our auditors.  To see the significant requirements in detail, review the ISO 17021 Standard which is followed by ETHIC Intelligence.