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We are the world leader in Certifications of your anti-bribery and corruption compliance programmes in accordance with ISO 37001

Our Focus is Simple. We Certify Compliance Programmes under the ISO 37001 Standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems

ETHIC Intelligence® is a certification agency that provides certifications to organisations who have built their anti-bribery and corruption compliance programmes according to the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System.  Our team of global auditors and technical experts helps organisations by auditing their compliance programmes, assessing them against the Standard and by providing a certification to those programmes that meet the Standard. 

ISO 37001 ABMS Professional Training

Webinar: Understanding the Gaps in Your Anti-Bribery Programme

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The 3 Steps of certification by ETHIC Intelligence®

Step 1 - Preparation

Step 1 - Preparation, Scoping, Pricing

Firstly, you need to have a compliance management system up and running to manage your risk of bribery. While we can't help you with that part - our role in Step 1 Preparation is to help you gain the confidence you are ready and have the best chance of passing our audit and gaining a certification.  We have several services in the Pre-Certification Stage to help you gain the confidence that you are ready and have every chance of a successful certification process.

Step 2 - Site Audit

Step 2 - Site Audit

Having agreed the scope, coverage, and the locations at Step 1, our expert auditors will go on site and test the strength of your anti-bribery management system.  The audit will review your entire management system, conduct interviews of personnel and also conduct on the ground testing. The auditor will issue non-conformances wherever relevant and issue a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your system as well.

Step 3 - Certification

Step 3 - Certification & Re-Certification

If all goes well, after you submit your responses to non-conformances, your Lead Auditor reviews and accepts them and then makes a recommendation to the Certification Committee for the grant of a Certification.  The Committee will review and award the Certification (if appropriate). You will need to do a surveillance audit next year and the year after to maintain your certification. After 3 years, you will enter a new audit cycle starting with a re-certification audit.

Proof through Certification

Get value for your Compliance programme by gaining a certification. It is easier than you think.

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Three Great Value Propositions for certification under ISO 37001

Competitive Advantage

Gain a Competitive Advantage and win Customers, Investors, Partners and Suppliers

Distinguish your organisation with a certification. Gain an advantage against your competitors bidding for government or major customers by having a certification.  You immediately become the 'safe option'. Win more business by using your certification to your advantage.

Compliance Programme

Prove the Value of all your hard work in building your compliance programme

Everyone talks about the ROI for compliance.  Show the value of the work that you have invested and the company has shown towards its compliance programme.  Be proud of what you have built and stand behind it.  You have earned it. A certification shows that you have been independently audited and that you are not only using best practice but are having it independently verified and audited.

adequate procedures

Be able to prove you have adequate procedures in the event an issue arises

It is common to have adequate procedures for your compliance programmes.  Wouldn't it be easier if you could show those procedures are adequate by an independent verification authority working to a recognized global Standard? 

Start your certification process

Start your Certification Process

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Client Testimonials

Certification is a very strong way to differentiate us from our competitors. 

Anne Le Rolland, CEO, ACTE International Group

Certification improves GTT's offer to clients, an advantage to which our staff are very sensitive.

Mirella Hermant, Ethics Officer, GTT

Common Questions about certification of your anti-bribery programme by ETHIC Intelligence®

Gain a certification

You can gain certification for just a business unit, a group, a subsidiary or the whole company

Start off small and then grow bigger.  Use a pilot country or business unit.  It is always a good idea to tackle a project with bite-sized pieces to make it easier to implement and gain the buy-in for your certification initiative.  There is no issue at all in seeking certification over only a part of your organisation.

Build your complaince programme

Your system needs to be built first! We can't build it for you!

It seems obvious, but we will say it again.  You need to build your compliance programmes/anti-bribery management system first and then our role is to review it, audit it and (hopefully) provide you a certification under the ISO certification authority.  We can't help you build or design your programmes or system, but we can certainly certify them.

Site visits

We do require site visits to locations as well as some offsite review work

It is a requirement that we come on site to certain of your locations to conduct audits and conduct interviews.  These locations will be discussed with you and agreed in advance. Where practicable we will handle as much work off-line as possible.

ETHIC Intelligence pre-certification

The ETHIC Intelligence® pre-certification services are ideal for making sure you are ready

Our pre-certification services are all focused on helping you get ready for the certification.  We can't advise you on your programme but we can support you with training, management briefings, pre-audits and scoping.

ISO 37001 - 3 years commitment

The certification under ISO 37001 is a three (3) year committment

The requirements of certification are for a three year commitment.  In year 2 and 3 there are surveillance audits to make sure that the management system is working as we expected in Year 1.  We will agree with you upfront as to how these work and the locations and scope of any subsequent year's audits.

Looking for help

Looking for help? Join one of our global training sessions to learn what is expected and required

We strongly recommend that you attend one of our briefing sessions on the Standard and the certification process. These are held at various locations around the world and available for purchase through our online store on this site.

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